Cosi fan tutte, Washington National Opera

“Prieto is appealing both for the quality of his powerful tenor and his technical finish.

– Barbara Mackay / The Washington Examiner / 3 March 2012

“Joel Prieto has an exceptionally full voice for a tenor.”

– Lucia Anderson / The Weekender / 3 March 2012

“As Ferrando, tenor Joel Prieto offers a lot of boyish charm, so much so he comes across as quite a bit younger than either sister. A surprosingly large tenor from such a lithe figure, Prieto has a pleasingly noble, tensile sound.”

– Kate Wingfield / Metro Weekly / 1 March 2012

“Joel Prieto started out in Act 1 seeming ever so slightly tentative and also somewhat inaudible. But within a page or two, his voice first warmed and then bloomed into a clear, clean, romantic instrument filled with passion and longing which is just what the part calls for.”

– Terry Ponick / The Washington Times / 26 February 2012